log chutes

…nothing to stoke the breakfast appetite than a 2,000′ climb in 7 miles all on luscious singletrack…

dewa pony

then, off to the county Fair!..Dewa on “Salt”…may all of us reading this do enough Inner Work on ourselves that we do not cOMe back as a Traveling Fair pony…we both chanted the Sacred Mantra to Salt during the 3-minute $5 ride…

ferris wheel

…Nothing says August in a small mountain town (still/almost) than a sizzling sun beaming down upon a Daddy and his Daughter on a Ferris Wheel…”Look Daddy, that’s Chapman Ski Hill!”

dewa tracks

…Dewa, after the Fair appears dazed by her own wealth of trains and tracks…check out our track layout!!!


Trevor says, “…ah…you American’s…you only think you have it so tough…”

Fun-damental Trust in the Blessed Circumstances of our Unique Journey’s is precisely what makes each day so much fun…

Be Awake,

Be Aware,

Be You.

head bowed,


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  1. eyt :() says:

    I’ll second that!! In gratitude for today and all todays … /\

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