maha mudra

coach in MahaMudra; don’t rely on others to tell you how to overcome your challenges; look within. work within. Trust within.  “Do your Practice, and all is coming,” as Pattabhi Jois put it.  i’ve not found Higher counsel yet.

Hi Steve! I am a huge fan of yours. I do your yoga dvd’s, and I find it is helping me out tremendously. My Doctor has advised me not to run that much because of my knees and heavy weight. What could I do to drop the pounds with good cardio, without having a club membership, bike or a pool around? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
With much honour and respect,

Most Precious Mike,

ilg sez;  Physician, heal THYSELF!

time to up the ante and call the Doctor’s bluff…you know what makes knee’s strong?  yoga + cardio.  yoga allows the knee capsule to become resilient, aligned, and lusciously bathed in her own integrity while cardio work forces the knee joint to squish synovial joint fluid into the structural components and tissues of the articulation.  the result?  a strong and supple joint.

do this tomorrow:

* wake with my Early Morning Ritual

* head out for a 20-minute Walk/Jog like this:   • Walk for 4 minutes (with the Mantra), jog for 1 minute (visualizing STRONG, ENDURING, CAPABLE KNEES upon each footstrike).  repeat until 20 minutes is reached.

the next day:

pick one of the following:

HP Yoga Basic StrengthJoy’s QuickFix Power Yoga, Medium Form Flexibility.

repeat the above Two-Day prescription for 2 weeks and update me*.

Just Begin, Again and Again and Endlessly Again,

el coache

* this prescription should faithfully be backed up by the MAP Amino Acids, Phase One of the SUNRIDER Herbs, and Asea Sacred Water for optimal results.

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