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hey there, Noble Sangha!

after yesterday’s fantastic 4th place AG at the bru-tee-full Kennebec 14-mile, 12,000’+ Challenge which was the pranic climax of my spiritually orgasmic 3-Day Wholistic Fitness™ build cycle (see this week’s Teachings), it was time to make it less about me today and ALL ABOUT my girls…so…i did whatever any WF Master Student would do…

dewa fishing

went fishin’!!! well, okay, not planned however…woke up today to a Stinkin’ hot day (by Durango standards…must have been NINETY degree’s!) so, i spurred my girls after Yoga practice up to Little Molas Lake (10,900′)…dat’s right, Dewa; you keep that rod tip high during a trout strike!

dewa running

…the great thing about being 3 years-old? when you get tired of fishin’ with Daddy? pull on the ballerina swim suit and run through the same rills i did as a chi-ild!

joy jumping swimming

…Dewa’s M(om)…man, she is brave…that water was like snow three minutes ago! BRRRR!!!! not me…ilg has put in his hours of being cold…i’m happy to stay on shore and snap pics!   can’t you tell she is the daughter of a Marine?!

joy swim molas

..Ananda, lookin’ a wee bit like my old Lab, ‘Boone’ at this point. Snowdon Peak (13,077′) in background – my snowshoe workout peak.

joy dewa molas

my VIP gyrls, exiting what i now consider the VIP room…okay, a LITTLE BIT DIFFERENT than the VIP rooms i knew as a celebrity trainer in my LA years…however,  trust me,  this VIP ROOM is waaaay more relevant!

May your week ahead be rich with chi, full with insight, and divinely orchestrated…

head bowed,

el coache

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