this Teaching is profound…

endless Gratitude for my Diné Warrior Leaf from my Kinalni Sangha…

this race – an 8k Hopi Footrace is located at perhaps Turtle Island’s oldest, continuously inhabited city; Old Oraivi – was a traditional pilgrimage of mine when i lived beneath the Precious Sacred Peak of the West; Doko’oosliidAbalone Shell Mountain.

i in-Courage ALL WF Warriors to make it to this race which occurs around the 2nd weekend of August…the chi is NOT to be missed…

and now…enjoy these pics from my Precious Warrior Leaf…

cardio; oo

that’s my Precious Student Diné, photo right…chasing down his stunningly tapped-in son; Tavian…2 generations of Diné Warriorism alive and well racing in our most Ancient City of the Ancients…

cardio; oo2

…check out Warrior Leaf’s elegant spine as he descends into the loose sands of eons off the Sacred Mesa…

cardio; T @ the start

that’s Tavian at the Start…

if these do NOT inspire thee to train as hard as possible, as soft as what’s probable, and as grateful as ilg is for thee?

then you might wish to seek another Tribe…cuz, this is as Go(o)d as it gets in this one!

head bowed…stoked to sweat tomorrow as i was when i was 14…

your feeble coach of the mightiest Fitness Tribe on this Plane(t)

4 Responses to “Guest Teaching; from Warrior Leaf and his warrior son; Tavian”

  1. Robert Arnold says:

    I was a summer day camp counselor for Tavian several years ago and learned as much from his bountiful youthful energy as I hope I may have taught him.

    Thanks for sharing this Coach!

    Head bowed to you, Leaf, and his son.


  2. Kevin Burnett says:

    The form in the last photo is incredible/inspiring/BOOM! And I bet the kid has never spent a minute reading articles about how he should and should not run. Amazing what the body can do with an uncluttered mind.

  3. coach says:

    Warrior Brother KB,
    that’s right…”Chi Running” before Chi Running™ was ever a business term!
    gotta love our naked intuition to just…RUN!!!!

  4. Kevin Burnett says:

    Yeah, I just keep coming back to that photo again and again.

    Would love to have a poster of it.

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