…the interesting thing about being high up on a Leader ‘Board’ is that it’s never boring…Spiritual Awakening is the same way; the mundane turns miraculous. It’s like when you quit rationalizing about going to yoga and just commit to show up; no matter what. soon, the extensors start extending when the flexors flex, instead of shortening. something REAL is happening within; discs stop getting herniated, muscles stop cramping, and the body has less of itself to fight. Class tonight is Mixed Flow. see you at 5:30 in the Cave of Champions!

leader board

photo by HP Yogi Peter McAllister after my 3:07 effort at the Kennebec Challenge…

2 Responses to “…when extension replaces shortening…”

  1. py says:

    EC, is Nate on the board too?!

  2. coach says:

    hec YEAH!!!
    LOVE that pac!
    and you!

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