note the hand position of former Student EYT now known as Suparna in our Tribe.  then, read my closing line. her hand position is just one of several Om So Ti’s which contributed to her WF Tribal Name.  photo by ilg at Clear Lake, way, way high in the San Juan Mountains above Silverton, Colorado.

The amazingly devoted WF Fan-Turned-Student-Turned-Shishya-Turned-Pilgrim EYT has just earned her WF Master Student Inka and new WF Tribal Name:  Suparna.  Read below to learn what that name means and why?

in October of 2010, i approved a WF Training Application to accept a new Online Student from Nord-Rhein-Westfalen, Germany.

in answering my second Application Question:

What is motivating you to study this Path?

Elizbeth Tulsen-Ynez (EYT) typed out with an ending Smiley Face:

Why wouldn’t you?!

then, went on to win over my heart and my acceptance into the waaay-more-rare-than-Marines-WF-Online-Training-Students by writing:

My initial attraction to this was through the marriage of the spiritual and physical as I had been practising Vipassana meditation for a few years when I came across The Winter Athlete. I had never seen anything like it before and it made such total sense to combine them into a ‘formalised’ practise.

In 2008, I put down the alcohol and got into a 12 step programme, which has changed my life through reconnecting me with my Higher Power. I work it to the best of my ability each day.

I love to workout and I love to work within – hard as I can find it to get past the procrastination, my ego and the myriad of barriers it places in my way on a daily basis.

I would like share with you today’s quote from my book of Daily Reflections, which sums it up for me:

“…joy is not just the absence of pain; it is the gift of continued spiritual awakening. Joy comes from ongoing and active study…My Higher Power presents many opportunities for deeper spiritual awakening. I need only to bring into my recovery the willingness to grow. Today I am ready to grow.”


what the hec is ilg supposed to do with THAT!??!

like, i’m NOT going to immediately embrace her and welc(om)e her back h(om)e to the Spiritual Sweat Tribe which she soooooo obviously has re-Membered in this precious life(time)?!??!

if YOU are wondering why i haven’t recognized you with a Master Student Inka (certification) which also qualifies the most Devoted of my Tribe for significant spiritual Transmissions* unknown by the common WF Student,  you’ll need to at least come close to what Suparna did to achieve her new WF rebirth and name:

* spend at least 6 months as a WF Online Student

* show me exceptional WF Devotion (for instance;  Suparna immediately and ongoingly spent up to 7 hours per week reading, studying, and contributing to the WF Archives, books, DVD’s, MP3’s, and SanghaLounge…you can read of her input in those forums)

* live your most anxious sweat and send it to me;  Suparna was, for instance, absolutely terrified of and ignorant of the Iron Temple which is a foundational WF Discipline.  if ilg was better at words,  i’d be able to transmit to you just how hard she tried to do one stinkin’ pull up, overcome her anxiety of going to gyms, and then Rise Above and get the Higher Teachings of the Iron Temple like crazy!  (she would NOT have been able to do what she did – physically, emotionally, spiritually if she had shied away from the Iron Temple, i’ll tell you that much)

* take WF Pilgrimage. Suparna absolutely Trusted in me and in closure to some very steep Relationship Yoga,  she friggin’ packed her bags from Germany (though she is from England),  rented a hippie van in San Francisco (see my earlier Teachings blogs from August) and made a bee line for the WF Temple in the high, sacred country of Durango, Colorado whereupon i immediately took her to a multi-disciplined Test among the Rocky Heights and Stillness of the San Juans and my private Zendo and local HP Yoga Classes.   she came through in flying colors and then added the exclamation mark by killing it at one of the WF Sacred Sweat Pilgrimages last Saturday:  the Imogene Pass Run before heading north to Canada.

still think ilg is like the rest of the commercialized personal fitness certification industry where one simple weekend will cost you $5k and your wholistic chi never tested?   well, guess again.  it took nearly one year for EYT to turn into Suparna she still spent waaaaaay less than 5k!  ilg has never been nor ever will be after your money.  ilg is after your soul.  in fact, i just turned away another very rich student whose money my family really needed, yet, he was Attached to his money (1st/2nd chakra) and failed to pass a test i poised for him one year into his Studies with me…i had to send him away.

this ain’t a business;  it’s a Dharma Service.  i need you to get that into your very bones…


and there SURE AS DEWACHEN ain’t NOTHING like being a WF MASTER STUDENT!





She Who Flies With Beautiful Wings!

that WF Tribal Name has thus been verified and validated by Om So Ti (ongoing Auspicious Signs of Spiritual Advancement) by myself on this day of days…

head bowed,

el coache

* Suparna, PY, and Raven Sister all received oral Transmission of  Amitabha/Dewachen from me beside the banks of the Uncompahgre River on the eve before the Sacred Pilgrimage of Imogene Pass Race

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