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i posted this pic from the Boulder Daily Camera, February, 1987 on my Facebook page and instantly got some precious responses…sometimes,  if i reflect on the past (which ilg has been trained not to),  my heartspace smiles sooooo wide;  man,  WF through ilg really made some ripples that has made an amazing amount of Waves…still,  however,  we remain completely as humble and sincerely focused on the Path Toward Wholeness through Sweat and Silence as ever…moreso,  actually!  All Karma Is God…

Below,  is an Actual Training Exchange with a beautiful new Online Student…which i will call “AM” in this exchange…are you thinking about becoming a WF Online Student with me this winter?   tell you what:  if you are reading this Here Now;   email me at steve@wholisticfitness.com right now with the word, “Tonight” typed into the Subject Line…i’ve got a massive discount for you due to your devotion…


Student AM:   You are right when you say this trips take lots of energy, however I think at this point is the way I need to walk, I know soon I will be able to settle down and I will compensate with appropriate action all the space and resources I am taking at the moment.

coach: absolutely;  a Warrior must move in the Direction of his Soul Wisdom…just keep in mind the Ashramas…the Life Stages…and we have a lot of inner work to do to get ready for your 75 year-old birthday…that is a big one and several inner/outer techniques must be made super strong before then.   so, travel, make money,  stay focused on what needs to be done during this Stage of your life;  however…keep one eye on the Summit (of Enlightement) at ALL TIMES…for, as my Tibetan Teachers taught me,  “You never know what will come next;  your next breath or your next life.”…and,  “There is no guarantee that we will come back as a Human next life,  so…your work toward Enlightenment is CRUCIAL during this one.”

Student AM:
I bought myself a small inhaler with sea water to start the nasal cleaning before my Neti pot arrives, I think is not so fun as to feel the water flowing inside, but it is a first step.

coach: do not use the inhaler.
wait the for the Neti Pot.

Student AM: I received the second link for your teachings video ST Teachings, I am preparing to watching it this afternoon.

coach: did you watch it?   questions?

Student AM: My EMR is helping me,

coach: it shall continue to do so,  endlessly….until, well..yup,  Enlightenment…so pace yourself.

Student AM:
I feel good only by doing it, and with your video and instructions Toilet Yoga is becoming more meaningful, still don’t know all the different breathings you prescribe, I will need your help with those, I also will go into the WF site to learn more about it.

coach: yeah,  you can also call in this Friday night on the Kiva Call (see Teaching Blog and email blast)…  you can ask questions on the breathing techniques then, and you can hear me demonstrate them on the phone;  this will help…and it’s free!

Student AM:

At the moment my Work has been very demanding, and at the same time as I told you in a previous mail, I am preparing to jump from the corporate plane, and to practice being the master of my own flight. I believe now is the most important moment to start this Wholistic way and I am happy to have you on my side.

coach; Do want you don’t want to do,  so you can (eventually) do as you wish…

Student AM:  Mentally I see an improvement,
coach; it’s not so much an “improvement” as it is the world-renown “empowerment” which is Transmitted to all my WF Online Students…it will only deepen;  as long as your Study continues with sincerity and steadfastness and Devotion Higher Toward Wholeness…ilg will eventually Teach you all about just how many and how High the spiritual Lineage Teachers and Deities are in this Blessed, Precious Path…

Student AM:
I see myself more focused, however physically I still have a long way to go, I don’t feel a strong body or CV system, on the contrary I havent feel this week in some time.

coach:  since ilg can only barely peck at Spanish…i am being lenient with your WF Spelling Guru…you’ve made two so far,  the latest one is “week” instead of “weak”…to keep cultivating your “focus” begin with Purity of Word Choice;  spoken, written, and thought.    Mindfulness is the 2nd WF Lifestyle Principle…and our Word Choices reflect a huge opportunity toward Shifting Higher…

Student AM:   About the Sunrider Herbs I would love to start with them, at the moment my H(om)e is in France, do you think it will be possible to get them here?

coach: yes,  just go to www.Sunrider.com
upper right;  see JOIN
select France..or Mexico…or China…or wherever the hec my Precious Worldwide Traveling Student wishes to receive the Secret Herbs as a home base…
you’ll need my name, email, and Sponsor ID as you follow the clicks to enter the Secret Herbal Garden of WF:
steve ilg
SR ID#  000081735

right now,  i just want you to order 1 bottle of Slim Caps and 1 bottle of Fibertone and 3 packages of Vitadolphilus

Student AM:   For the Phone guidance I would love to try it in october, once I have a little more background and feedback about the techniques.

coach; great ‘call’…no pun intended…

head bowed,

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