a base camp

you can take the mountain yogi renunciate out of renunciation…but you can’t take the renunciation out of the mountain yogi…the  very second ilgs get a chance to slip out of my householder-yogi role,  i slide with divine ease into my former lifestyle as a peculiar, solo, wholistic, mountain yogi addicted to the prana of my beloved San Juans…

at my Silverton base camp…with only one week to go before doing to BattleDance with Imogene-The-Crusher,  it was time for a little high-altitude cycling, running, yoga, meditation, and fly-fishing…

morning camp

Nothing is worth more than this day – Goethe

my base camp shimmers in the pranically drenched dew…there is stream, unseen, elder-hidden just beyond my tent whereupon brook trout dance and sliver over ice-cold cobbles from ancient glaciers…


approaching one of my Sacred San Juan vortices at 13,000’…i had just ran up to Clear Lake (4.7 miles, 2,800′ in 1:07) and ‘tacked on’ this super steep headwall (scrambling required) for another 22 minutes of High Zone 4 effort upon screaming legs and lungs just so ilg can add a few more Mantra rounds and edge that much closer to the throne of the mountain deities which created WF so many decades ago through the feeble Dharma Vehicle Toward Sweat-Based Wholeness Known As ilg.

ophir pass

High Heart Rate with a view…

looking NE over Ophir Pass…the 4wd road pictured. the snow still tinges the southwest edge of the unnamed lake, about 1,200′ below my Pranayama perch.  as i was immersed in my pranayama,  an Osprey buzzed me at warp speed, nearly sending me off my perch!  this is a very Go(o)d place to ilg.

san juan pureland

my San Juan Pureland…

just below my 13,000′ Pranayama Perch…my heaving lungs delivering an intoxicating amount of wildflower perfume the scent of which is – to ilg – 10,000 x 10,000 more seductive than man-made fragrances (even the term feels oxymoronic to me).

my descent was fast; 48 minutes.  however, my broken spine and smashed pelvis really tore apart with a mile to go…i breathe faithfully toward Brahman and offer my searing, knife-stabbing pain to Lord Vishnu…if i can’t even complete a 4 mile descent one week before Imogene?  how the hec will i manage the 7-mile descent next Saturday?

like i all-ways do: through Mantra, Trust, Faith, Willpower, Surrender, Release, Acceptance, and Love for just still being able to hobble about in my high country h(om)eland…

stay tuned for a full Pilgrimage Report…an unprecedented amount of WF devotees shall be toeing the Start Line on Saturday:  Jut, EYT, BB, bRad,

5 Responses to “Imogene Taper; final mountain run to Clear Lake”

  1. eyt :() says:

    Beautiful pictures ec.
    All bowed to your inspirational efforts.
    Namaste /\

  2. Brad Gantt says:


    I cannot believe the beauty of the San Juans. Remarkable. Need to get out there soon! Imogene next year fo-sho!

    head bowed,


  3. Leslie Hutchinson says:


    Something about those BIG mountains…… brings blessed memories to my mind of my childhood in the BIG mountains around Salida – up a ways from you. Thank you for taking the time to bring the prana home to us all. LH

  4. coach says:

    Yogi EYT: without your Radiant Presence, the Noble Effort would have been diminished like a pikeminnow in the Rio Grande…thank THEE for YOUR AMAZING EFFORT! go(o)dspeed this Saturday at the WF Sacred Pilgrimage of IPR!

    Yogi BG;
    what happened to those Monday Updates? the Practice is NOW!

    Yogini Cupcake;
    oh, there is definitely sOMething about those BIG mountains, baby!

    head bowed,

  5. Brad Gantt says:


    Beginning again…


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