no wonder why Student Crespo gets all my WF Test Challenges on Bird Beings…he WAS one last lifetime!

okay Noble Sangha Toward Wholeness,

ilg knows this is a bit late however, well…. YOU know how FULL the Path of WF is…excuse my paltry shri ma-less ways while being enamored by the m(om)ent of these precious San Juan September days sliding by like ice-axe’d boiler plates from a WI 4…(i know, sometimes it’s hard to understand the analogies from a WF Master Student…you’ll get the language if you live this Unique High Path long enough…hang in there!)

so,  YES!    Shishya Crespo nailed my most recent WF Challenge Test by being the first to correctly identify the Bird Being as a Cooper’s Hawk and thus receives his $15 WF Pro Shop credit which i TAF he is going to use to get some Blessed Mala Beads;  perhaps the most priceless, potent offering in my Pro Shop!

thank you to all of you who sent in your submissions, yet you gotta be FAST to beat Shishya Crespo on these challenge tests…he’s won more of them than anyone else!

Student Crespo;  email me…

head bowed along the Awakened Path,


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  1. Sandra Lee says:

    great job

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