dewa run camp

no, my daughter did not sever her left arm at the elbow, though for some odd reason it sure looks like it in this pic…here she is intuitively drawn to 8 sets of 12-second Hill Repeats from our campsite to Bala (our vehicle) and back. hmmmm.

Labor Day…a day for birthing mothers?

Around these parts,  us mountain hamlet hicks still consider Labor Day a 3-day Laborless excursion into the fading dapples of a 6,512′ summer…Main Avenue is buzzing and roaring with a traditional motorcycle gathering which sends all of us local lovers of self-propeldom scrambling for another taste of backcountry delights before the hunters and deep freezes turn our passions from rubber knobby bicycle tires and running shoe treads to that of snowshoe decking and ski wax…

dewa too fast

Within 12 minutes of leaving home,  Dewa was already laying Fred Flintstone skid marks upon Mother Earth’s ponderosa needled skin…she went so fast i couldn’t even photograph her!

after my own training camp to the high country above Silverton,  i took my girls camping to my still precious and pure waters of my chi-ldhood;  Junction Creek…just a few minutes up the road from our humble Temple H(om)e…yet, to me Junction Creek is lifetime warp and so too for Dewa, who at age 3 still seeped innocently the seemingly Collective Unconsciously spurred question of all 3 year-olds riding in any fully packed vehicle targeting a campground and/or motel;  “Why is it TAKING so long?”

dewa laughing

Gandhi stated that Technology should have stopped at the spinning wheel.  ilg reckons most Tent Camping parents of young ones would have at least voted for the inclusion of the miraculous; inflatable air mattress which transforms camping tents into personal ‘bounce houses’!

if there is a Method to WF Conscious Parenting (and there is) it cannot go unstated that taking kids camping – regardless of the endless toils and tribulations and tack which one must tackle even to go car camping a few miles away – is vital.  chi-ldren are firing trillions of mental neurons non-stop (unless you’ve quit raising your chi-ld and have plopped them in front of television, dvd player, etc).  so much cerebral machination requires grounding…literally; you got to get your chi-ldren onto ground…raw ground of Ma Earth…hopefully naked as possible and often as possible…each second their precious soles dance upon the terra firma of Ma functions as an electromagnetic recoil through the subtle spine affording a spin-balancing effect to their vulnerable chakral and nadic fields.

dad w/ rambo

Note to chicks:   always stand in back of your man when he’s got a Rambo knife sizzling meat over an open fire…

side note:  i know that’s a crock of snot, however,  just do it…it makes us feel MANly

cub scout stirfry

as M(om) left on a mountain bike ride up the Colorado Trail (whereupon she was turned back by a sow Black Bear with cubs…yet that’s another story)…i prepared my Cub Scout Stir Fry;

My Cub Scout Stir Fry:

equipment – open fire, Rambo knife, dutch oven, Bragg’s Herbs & Spices, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos,  natural grass-fed sirloin beef, organic: green/yellow/red peppers,  string beans,  peas & carrots, and potato. olive oil.

directions – while yogi squatting cut firewood and beef using only Rambo knife and rock (impresses the young’ins and stirs residual Neanderthal endocrine secretions from any estrogen-containing beings nearby), simmer beef until braised in oil.  add veggies, herbs, and aminos.  cook until it feels right to serve.  may be enhanced by drinking a beer and occasionally grunting.


Be the FIRST WF Member to identify this Bird Being correctly and win either a Free Pass to my local yoga classes or a $15 WF Pro Shop Shopping Credit!

Location;  just west of Durango, Colorado.

Elevation; 7,200′ approx.

Plant Zone: Foothill/Montane

send your answer to: steve@wholisticfitness.com

extra merit points for telling me the Medicine of  the submitted Animal Being

dewa grass smiling

The exhaustion and sacrifice – personally and financially – inherent to Consciously Parenting a chi-ld is astoundingly lopsided on the fatigue and i’m-going-to-start-throwing-furniture-through-the-window exasperation yet even more astoundingly, confound-ably, and Divinely balanced by mere m(om)ents when even the sun and stars fade into a whirling stillness of inner brightening as your chi-ld becomes that Great Mirror of All Teachers, All Gurus, All Lama’s, All Rinpoche’s, all Traditions, all-trees, mists, mountains, flowers, fish, stones, and streams.  Within their stream-entry of egoic-free laughters, the cosmos chuckle and such beauty as God is known in thy very cells causing my heart to re-ignite my own stumbling toward Enlightenment…

dewa dad marshmallows

“Hey Deh?”

“Yeah, Dad.”

“Ya done good with your marshmallow stick-carving and roasting.”

“Thanks Dad…i like marsh-mellows…”

silence/staring at the flames dancing, embers swirling like swifts among soggy pine-scented air


“Yes,  my Love?”

“When i grow up can i make a marsh-mellow stick like yours?”

“You mean my dual-pronged Gambel Oak marshmallow stick?”


“Yup…you can.  maybe even sooner.”

“Like when i’m 4?”


“That’s good. Thanks Dad.”

“You’re welcome, Little D.”

mommy nursing

In the morning, the summer-eroded sound of Junction Creek was barely perceptible as the forest went about her business of waking up as the night withdrew her long fingers of dewy coldness.   A few rounds of BINGO gave way to a pensive m(om)ent for my Beloved Ananda as Dewa crawled beneath her blanket to nurse.   Joy’s start to breast-feeding nearly 4 years ago was a less than fantastic one…and through the miracle of Joy’s Self Nature and reliance upon WF has produced an amazingly healthy and whole start to Dewa’s life.  Yet, nursing (what Dewa amazingly has called, “Agni Time”) is drawing near to the inevitably end.

In this scene, it was not Dewa crying, but Ananda.

It was Dewa comforting Ananda as the Agni was running out and Mommy’s tears cascaded upon Dewa’s nursing cheeks;

“Don’t cry Mommy…no matter when the Agni goes away, i will ALWAYS LOVE your boobies!”

“Thank you, My Precious Dewachen,” cried Joy as Dewa reached up to swipe away the streaming tears.

camp yoga

When sad?  Do Yoga.

When happy? Do Yoga.

Whenever? Do Yoga.

It will help.

Dewa and Ananda performing Trikonasana after some Sun Salutations, HP YOGA style!

element full pod

My ‘favorite element’;    Bala…in her “full pod expression” mode;

inside the pod is my Man Cave…a mountain yogi’s retreat cubicle…too bad this vehicle wasn’t around during my earlier decades as a rock climber/vagabond…!

Dewa Stream Entry Workout

here is your fitness instruction for today courtesy Personal Trainer Dewa:

1) take off all clothes and shoes
2) find a river stone, pure, high mountain creek
3) sneak up on trout and skeeter-bugs

try it!

May your sweat be laced with infinity,

and your stillness expand into an ecstatic point of Divine Light…

from the humble Helm since ’83…


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