note:  do not attempt to accomplish the techniques below without guidance;  this is written to an advanced yogini…a yoga teacher who leads many retreats…if,  for you, my counsel seems lofty,  it is no different than say, racing Imogene Pass as hard as you can, yet, you look up the mountain and there are runners miles ahead of you…i have many students.  each on various Levels.  not better,  just different.  the important point is to keep moving Higher and Inward.  – may this Teaching help you and do not forward.  – ec


Namaste Most Precious Yogini K!

as promised,  some feeble input and considerations based on our private session…

the below can be Practiced while you are away…upon your return to Turtle Island,  ilg would be deeply honored and eager to dig down deeper to go Higher with you…

• Early Morning Ritual
maintain flawless, meditative execution of Neti, Nadi Shodhana into Surya Bedhana and Nauli (both directions). below is a prescription:


•  Pranayama Sitting Posture:
do not use the half lotus leg position and the Zazen hand position.
my suggestion for legs:  Burmese or Full Lotus or best: Siddhasana with your left heel spurring into Mula Bandha
my suggestion of hand position:  inverted  Jnana Mudra so each palm is facing onto respective inner knee
goal:  Triad at the root;  sit bones rooted, lateral knees as close to Mother as possible…here is a picture:

A:  Full Lotus; note how strong the body is anchored, anticipating being able to handle the voltage/amperage of Kundala arousing…

B:  a lousy Siddhasana, yet my left heel is making love with Mula Bandha which is the most important element besides the erect Sushumna potentiation…note how Kantha Bandha – throat lock – is locked….to waste one’s time in meditation is sad; each moment should be spent overcoming bodily and mental weaknesses and hindrances and prepare for the Great Foodgate (Rudra Granthi) to break open as the Goddess becomes seduced…

we will speak more on this upon your return…now is not the time.

• Malas
we will speak more on this upon your return…now is not the time.

• Brahmacharya
when following above Pranayama and your meditation,  if orgasm is allowed,  take 24 hours away from prescribed Pranayam before regaining.

• ShatKarma
begin Mula Shodhana immediately and perform while showering;  using finger clockwise for 3 Mantram rounds, counterclockwise for 3 Mantram rounds

• Cell Nutrition
one reason why you feel your strength is not up to par with your flexibility is due to a chronic negative nitrogen state based on your dietary input to me.  upon your return to Turtle Island,  get on and stay on the MAP Amino Acids…until then,  do your best to consistently take in quality protein (limit, however; dairy and flesh foods) throughout the day; at least in the am and the pm.

• Bodywork Impression
your tonality is beautiful; the energetic flows throughout the superficial and connective tissues were for the most part open, balanced, and fluid.  adhered tissue is bonding/protecting Muladhara/Svadhisthana/Sacrum.   Left posterior superior pelvic rim is riding high and the pelvis is not horizontal. gluteal shelves imbedded and originating fibers of the ‘dancer’ muscles; sartorius, gracilis, et. al. are welding into gluteal massif keeping the Abode of the Goddess asymmetrical…this, for safe, spiritual transmission should be overcome and brought into balance.

whatever feeble ilg has said is a tip of an iceberg and is the inner trick unconnected to books or intellect.  absorb what ilg says or throw it all away.  this is only a matter of understanding, so keep trekking on your beautiful, sacred Journey unconcerned by ilg and other things.

that is all,

Kali Peh, Most Treasured Wandering Yogini!

head bowed,

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6 Responses to “Coach’s Counsel to an Advanced Yogini”

  1. BB says:

    I found this teaching very inspirational. It really shows just how deep the rabbit hole of WF really is!

  2. coach says:

    Precious BB,
    that would be a Pika Hole to you! 😉
    remember, we’re just laying the Sacred Sweat Scripture for future generations, so let’s keep working on our Enlightenment potentiation together through WF!
    head bowed,
    feeble conduit known as ilg

  3. Monty Mason says:


    POTENT! In-ter softly! Head bowed!

  4. coach says:



  5. Sandra Lee says:

    If you haven’t recieved bodywork by Coach, you are missing out

  6. coach says:

    Most Precious Dawagahti…

    thank Thee…that means a World to feeble ilg!

    head bowed,

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