ilg’s October, 2011 Practice/Training Stats

you can tell it’s ilg’s season!  i just get fired up in Autumn and my training stats and sadhana reflects it!

races: none.  consistently finished in the top 5 of the B club rides and top 10 of A/B

Highlights: never got sick, although the whole town and my girls got sick * mountain biking in autumnal bliss in the high country * skiing (both alpine and nordic!) by the 8th!! * integrating family fitness better and better…*was able to consistently teach high quality yoga classes even after chopping cords of wood/training, etc.


10x for 8.50 hours

31x for 53.75 hours

  • running – 2x
  • skiing – 3x
  • road cycling- 5x
  • MTB – 4X
  • Inline – 2x
  • Roller Ski – 2x
  • Cardio Commute – 29x

Yoga Asana:
31+ for 36.75 hours
31+ for 39.25 hours
average Calories/Day:  1529
NOTE:  DO NOT ATTEMPT to replicate my physical training stats and low caloric intake…especially if you are NOT on the MAP Aminos, SUNRIDER herbs, and Asea Sacred Water!  you WILL get injured, ill, or probably just die!  remember, i’ve been doing this a lot longer than you, okay?
100% consistency – my version which takes 45 minutes includes shatkarma, pranayama, meditation, and asana.

“Just do your Practice and all is coming.”

-Pattabhi Jois

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