Hope things are going great for you and family.

I wanted to write to see if you might recommend a book regarding chakras. I was interested in learning more through some readings. Let me know what you think. Thanks.



Most Precious Mountain Yogi Farmer!

all-ways great hearing from Thee!

such is very High knowledge.  ilg appreciates you asking, for there is a horrid amount of ‘chakra abuse’ out there these days, which is why, at least in our humble, powerful Path,  we stick with the Enlightened Authors who can write from Direct Experience instead of conjecture….

a Trusted source for learning about chakra’s can be found in the immutable sacred wisdom found within the pages of Swami Muktibodhananda’s,  HATHA YOGA PRADIPIKA by Yoga Publications Trust

head bowed,
feeble teacher ilg

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