it started yesterday  on Thanksgiving morning as Dewa took station as Ananda’s Prep Cook…her ‘mala’ and bracelet she made by herself…and the music of her radiant presence made by Brahman…Ananda and i?  we are merely feeble Conduits doing our best to nurture, protect, and provide for Her…

…like footsteps on the dance floor, i teach Dewa a special Mantra to use when touching, preparing Flesh Foods (such as this AMAZING organic Turkey Being which we named Turkey Jesus in honor of MahaYogi Jesus who, like this Turkey Being, gave His own life to nourish our own…

Turkey Jesus, sauteed in sincere Mantra repetitions, is sent into the oven by MahaYogini Ananda…

…then, after a few hours of physical family fitness?  time for Abba to cut the first slice…note to new parents:  do NOT do what i am doing here…slicing the Turkey Being with my Daughter’s fingers dangerously close to where i am cutting!  she just couldn’t get enough of the textures, smells, and spiritual verve of Turkey Jesus…

..after dinner?   nothing like h(om)emade pumpkin pie with whipped cream!  yeah baby!

after dinner Teaching:
do a family project of “The Giving Tree” whereupon we each write three things for which we are grateful on our hand-drawn Giving Tree…

..next morning (this morning)…it was time to get up to Purgatory for the opening day of skiing!  YEAH BABY!!!!

we skied hard, crashed hard, and when we got back home?  Dewa took her first nap in over 3 months!

…then, it was to downtown Durango to parade down Main Avenue with the Clauses…and about 500 other kids and parents….here, Dewa shakes hands with Mrs. Claus…then…

…scores a handshake with the Big Mr. Claus himself…while slipping him her Santa’s Christmas List (just trying to get the hole shot, you know)…

Yogi Santa (who, as Dewa knows, “is a great yogi who gives to children because he loves Yogi Jesus Christ,”) hit the lights for our Downtown towering Colorado Blue Spruce and suddenly all were feelin’ the Love of Yogi Jesus transferred through Yogi Santa into the Heart Caves of a hundred (if not more) chi-ldren in this mountain heaven hamlet…


…and then, it was off to sleep while my handmade Yuletide Log beamed beside a late November fire….yum!

May your Thanksgiving Weekend beam bright within….

head bowed,

el coache

3 Responses to “dis is da Way we roll…for Thanks-Giving…”

  1. Sandra Lee says:

    I have never seen a real live Yuletide log burning or I never paid attention to one before.

  2. coach says:

    Yogini Sandra!
    well, i’m about to release a how-to article on Yuletide Logs…so, go pick out out a log and get your craft-mind ready! 😉

  3. Sandra Lee says:

    sounds great!

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