you know you’re in for a great Race Day when you awaken not only to a most GORGEOUS “Full Long Nights Moon” which is ALSO the last lunar eclipse …a celestial drama which won’t replay until 2014…our whole family caught it…did yours?  i want to hear about it!   tapping our chi-ldren into the rhythm of our cosmos provides a Divine Sense of constancy within their sure-to-become ever more turbulent young lives.   for instance,  we’ve used the Dog Star for Dewa, to anchor her spirit in case anything happens to us; “No matter what happens to us, Dewa, all you need to do is find the Dog Star and know that Amma and Abba are ALL-WAYS protecting, guiding, and Loving you…No Matter What!”

the Full Long Nights Moon (aka: The Full Cold Moon); – During December, winter cold fastens her grip. nights are at their longest and darkest…tough on young deer, elk, and other four-legged and feathered friends.  i make it a spiritual Practice of appreciation to consistently go outside, barefoot and often at least half naked, to FEEL the Full Cold Moon…while shivering upon the snow carpet, ilg reflects on how the Deer Beings feel in this cold, especially the young and the old ones. How Brother Hawk huddles, trustingly, within his hollow feathers.  ilg tries to feel the lone Coyote, roving across the dappled, young snows…searching like a hungry ghost among naked aspen.  i hear a mother Cliff Wren, shaking in her clay cocoon…and the phrase immediately arises, “How BLESSED am i?” as i scamper back into our fireplace-warm cozy casa next to the gurgling Sacred Animas River.

The term Long Night Moon is a doubly appropriate name because the midwinter night is indeed long, and because the Moon is above the horizon for a long time. The midwinter full Moon has a high trajectory across the sky because it is opposite a low Sun.

i’m about to put out my 2011/12 Winter Racing Sponsorship request…and ilg truly, truly, truly hopes you send a few pesos this way, cuz, gosh darn it…ilg would HATE not to be able to compete on behalf of our Tribe this winter!!

pleased is ilg, with this first ski race of the young season…4th place AG, 8th OA among super, duper, NOOPER fit Durango skiers in a tough as ice 10k which featured more climbing than descending and maybe 3 meters of recovery during 2 x5k laps.   as long as i finish first among professional yoga teachers?  professional pilates teachers?  hello?  Kettleball Instructors?  ilg is here! i’m down with my wholistic Noble Effort.  you see, Noble Sangha,  my yoga teachers Transmitted to me the stalwart principle of “being a capable human while being,” and that Transmission took.  it made ilg re-Member many lives and thus took root, and has blossomed.  if you can find a more versatile, capable yogi;  let me know.  on the podium for all yogi’s since 1981!

Dewachen,  enjoying a candy cane courtesy of the Durango Nordic Club (only a part she got to eat, the other part she has to save for tomorrow), and only after she nordic skied with Daddy after his race.  This imparts two Wholistic Fitness® Conscious Parenting/Nutritional Principles…

1) Delay-ment of Gratification; teaching our chi-ldren to ‘breathe through’ and ‘practice patience’ during elevated cresting of highly desired ‘wants’ is a battlefield that must be chronically danced by the Conscious Parent.  tough terrain here; both for the chi-ld and the pair-ent.  such is the high and narrow path of Conscious Parenting.

2) Earned Sustenance; do NOT  let your chi-ld or your self EAT until those calories have been EARNED!  in the case of infants;  it’s earned nearly instantly in any moment…as we grow older?  not so much. …in this case, i made sure Dewa knew she needed to ski first, THEN enjoy (only a part of…which actively supports Principle #1) the candy cane.  what if this simple philosophy was learned by all chi-ldren in their Wholistic Fitness™ classes made mandatory in their education?  wow.

result sheets are fickle things…yeah, i may have been 3 minutes off the leader in my AG,  however, i was over 4 minutes faster than the skier behind.  gotta have Faith.  gotta just know that each race is new…each race keeps us awake like a Full Moon Sonata, like a narrow-gauge train’s axle’s a pumping…until Enlightenment we MUST reach down, way down, and challenge our weaknesses – be they tight hips or slow 10k nordic skate race times…or impatience as parents…we got to…otherwise,  potentiation toward Enlightenment is dwindled…considerably…perhaps for scores of lifetimes as lesser Beings…

back at home…keeping the energy flowing for our 4 year-old Rinpoche (even though all Ananda and i wanted to do was NAP!!!);  Amma and Dewa crankin’ some swingin’ toward the end of another amazing miracle day in Shambala (aka; Durango)…the rhythms of family life are created within the space/place between/beyond the ‘doing’…

Two of my key arrows in my physiologic quiver (the physiologic quiver dictates the power of the spiritual quiver): Asea, the Sacred Water of WF,  and on photo right; is my spray-bottle of Osha Root, a native root which grows in its most resplendent, potent form right up the road in Telluride, Colorado.  i use Osha Root each morning in my Neti Pot water and then use this spray bottle throughout the day to sublingually absorb this most powerful respiratory empowering herb into my system.  i’ve yet to become victim to the past 12 colds/flus over the past 3 years regardless of my low caloric intake and high energy expenditure.  eat accurately, Noble Ones.   don’t eat a lot.  just eat accurately.  in this Tribe?  this means creating absolute diligence on the SUNRIDER Herbs, MAP amino acids, and the ASEA Sacred Water.  contact me for more on these and/or Osha Root.

May this entry and my Noble Effort out on the high, pure snows today on the Start Line inspire your effort as well…

your feeble teacher Higher

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