December 22nd:  Amma (Joy) chanting the Sacred Mantra to our daughter as the drug begins to put Dewachen into a Bardo Realm…a harrowing experience that no parent ever wants to see…photo by ilg (who was chanting as well)

3 days post surgery (aka: Christmas Day)…absolutely without one complaint,  Dewachen cranks through MahaYogi Christ’s birthday without so much a flutter of a whine, though we could all tell she was still hurtin’ big time.  Here, she test drives the new musical instruments which Yogi Santa brought her….ilg reckons that if you’re gonna clock a metal bench at mach speed with your face?  better do it when you’re four…or, when wickedly drunk!  Ananda swore she saw Hanuman himself, leap down from Heaven and lift the metal bench the required 3″ so that Dewa’s face and lips received just a high-speed glancing blow and not a full on skull-fracturing t-bone impact.  such mOMents is why i’ve never let the throttle off my 45-minute early morning Prayer Rituals since i broke my own back.

today, Dewa went back to the Surgeon who was deeply impressed with the speed of her healing…we’ve been saturating her lip with the Asea Sacred Water,  Ananda has been crushing up 1/2 pill of a MAP Amino Acid capsule into Dewa’s protein shakes, and has also increased her own intake of MAP so that Dewa can get more through her breast milk.


Dear Editor {of the Durango Herald},

On December 22nd, my daughter (4) and i went sledding in Buckley Park. This usually happy, scintillating activity
suddenly turned into my worst nightmare as i witnessed my precious daughter crash face first into one of the green-painted, iron benches which
line the foot of the icy slope.

Blood covered her adorable face, hair and snowsuit.  I was trembling with fright.   Rushing my daughter to the ER at Animas Hospital seemed surreal. Hours later; exhausted and dehydrated, my daughter was operated upon by a calm, conscientious Plastic Surgeon.  My husband, completing his own frantic time trial to the ER after skiing at Durango Nordic Center attempted to reassure me that Durango is blessed by the best emergency doctors on the planet.

A week later.  Our daughter has healed miraculously, yet, still cries herself to sleep as she remembers the terrifying moment of her impact at Buckley Park. As a parent, I thought I had killed our daughter as she impacted that bench with her face.  It is my heart, however, which shall remain endlessly fractured realizing the fact that I should not have let her go down that hill by herself.

I share this with you from an unconditional desire for no other child to be hurt – or worse – by those benches while sledding at beautiful
Buckley Park (which I understand may soon become the City of Durango’s property).  As yogis, we are not litigiously-bent.  Karma is karma.  However, I strongly suggest having hay bales or some other protective measures placed in front of those benches and/or any other objects which may endanger the well being or life of a young sledder.   Our family would be happy to help with a fund-raiser to offset any costs required to have those benches safely protected during the winter months.

May my family’s experience,  painful as it was and is, help serve others.

In gratitude for my daughter’s life,
a wiser mother…

Joy Kilpatrick-Ilg
Durango, Colorado

3 Responses to “Our Little Rinpoche’s Bloody Teaching…and how we are turning it inside out to help others…”

  1. Ken Doyle says:

    Dear Joy,Dewa and Steve, i feel for all of you. There is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain.My prayers are with you during Dewa’s recovery. Love, Kendo

  2. Sandra Lee says:

    heal fast dewa…..

  3. coach says:

    Precious, Caring Sangha…
    in yet another testimony to the effectiveness of WF….Dewa went back to the surgeon today, precisely one week after her surgery…he was ASTONISHED at the Healing Rate/formation of Dewa who came to him with the final chunk of scar dangling like a big piece of “bacon” (her precious term) off her treasured upper lip which was sown together by 7 stitches just one week ago. we’ve been spraying and applying the Asea Sacred Water, taking the MAP Aminos, and doing the Herbs…sOMe basic things in WF just all-Ways cOMe through time and again like Enlightenment modules…THANK YOU for all your CARE!

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