ilg’s November 2011 Practice Stats

with 9 ski and 5 snowshoe days and 25 sessions of strength training and over 35 hours of yoga-asana,
you can only imagine how strong, supple, yet light i feel;  ilg LOVES NOVEMBER training!
pic from one of my Snowshoe Hill Repeat workouts;  following your Teacher’s Track has never been
for those who shy away from multi-disciplined efforts across the physiologic and mental realms!
note: do NOT ATTEMPT TO REPEAT these Stats on my particularly low daily caloric intake!…

this was one of those special months where my wholistic nature just rang as sharp, clear, and poignant throughout the month as a Tibetan tinksha…a true honor to live it!  read my training stats below and you tell me if ilg ain’t continuing to live the wealthiest chi-full life on the planet!  though the entire town seemed to be sick, nothing in my Clan so far…immune systems still far Higher than the reach of the illnesses of the common man;  Thanks Sunrider, MAP, and Asea once again for helping vibrate myself and family so High!

ST: 25x for 16.25 hours
CV: 30x for 42.45 hours in classic ski/rando (7x), skate ski (1x), tele/alpine ( 1x)
road cycling (1x),  Snowshoe  (5x)  Cardio Commute: 29x
Yoga: 30+ for 35.25 hours
Med: 30+ for 36 hours
average Calories/Day: 1343
EMR: 100% consistency

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