On Jan 31, 2012, at 6:46 PM, Brad Tafoya wrote:

I finally registered for Mt Taylor.

Tsidool, here I come!

Brad A. Tafoya, CPA, CVA
Tafoya Barrett and Associates PC
Durango, CO

he enclosed this pic of his Tsidool training (Sacred Peak of the South) by training beneath the La Plata’s; birthplace of WF and home to the Sacred Peak of the North: Dibé Nitsaa (Hesperus)

a typical weekend day of bRad’s Mt. Taylor training:

“A 45 minute spin into
10 mile run up Junction Creek (2.0 Hours) into
4 XC Ski (1.0 hours)  into
1.50 hours of house cleaning!”

gotta love that!  gotta love that bRad!   bRad also is a presenting sponsor of my Winter Warrior 10k Snowshoe Race coming Feb. 11th!  GO bRad!!!

oh, and  right behind him is Flagstaff Warrioress and Master Student of WF: Julie “Padme” Mueller who has cranked Imogene, Mt. Taylor (Tsidool), and soon;  the IHBC!   who else is out there closing in on their own WF Sacred Sweat Trifecta?!   I know we got Allan “L’gate” Ludgate of NYC who has knocked off Imogene, and is currently training for this spring’s IHBC…

4 Responses to “(all access) HP Yogi bRad to toe the Start Line of Tsidool! will finish all three WF Sacred Sweat Pilgrimages if he finishes!”

  1. padma says:

    love the Kahtoola snowshoes!
    see you at the start line!

  2. coach says:

    it’s not so much about the finish line; the genuine personal transformation is the PROCESS REQUIRED to Toe The Start Line! proud (yogically) of BOTH of you! you’ll both rip it for WF, i know!
    love, sweat, spirit…

  3. Sandra Lee says:


    did u see bRad’s squats with the heels on our yoga block , which makes us be on out tippie toes, last wednesday? he was going so fast up and down…

  4. coach says:

    Precious Dawagahti,
    actually, i did!!! i nearly had to adjust his velocity! he’s got the Tsidool Deities packing his quiver!!!

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