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Contemplating a risky situation? Like visiting Durango, perhaps, yet scared by the remoteness and expense of where your feeble teacher abides?  Well, Noble Pilgrim Yogi,  not to worry.  Just breathe, trust, and GO!   Even in the ‘shoulder seasons’ such as March/April and November/December…Durango offers exceptional, world-class fun for mountain yogis and outdoor athletes of all ages and abilities..and it’s the best place on Turtle Island for families!  i promise!   pic above:  ilg at Phil’s World, just one of a head-shaking amount of world-class mountain biking that is always in great shape nearly year round!  Below, i answer a typical Pilgrim Question from my old’ bro from LA;  KK


Noble Ilg,

Poosa and I were thinking about visiting Colorado, having never really done that together. And then I remembered that you live near Durango. We have free tickets to anywhere in the US. I follow your posts and pics and revel in the beauty around where you live. We’re kind of shoe string but were wondering what Durango et environs was like and whether there might be some cool budget places to camp or cabin. Would be sometime around the end of March. Just wondering if you had any advice or guidance as we chart our path of escape for a week or so from Minnesota. Peace bro…and Thanks buddy. You rock!

Namaste KK!
end of March is a ‘shoulder season’ here…
if you enjoy skiing/snowshoeing there will still be great times in the higher mountains…
however,  late March in Durango is definitely ‘muck season’…can’t mountain bike yet, can’t (probably) snowshoe/ski the in town trails, the road cycling will always be going off yet windy and not the most aesthetic time…

upside:   lodging rates will be less expensive (the local hostel is very rad…and i might be able to find lodging for you within
my yoga sangha).

downside:  just what i described above..late March is a hard time to feel the high-beauty and fun of Durango’s immediate environment…
all the trees are still naked, no flowers yet, etc.

having said that?  ANY time in Durango will probably knock your pranic socks off and you’ll ALWAYS have a great time here in the MeccaLand
of Mountain Yogis!

let me know if i can help…would LOVE to have you visit!

head bowed,

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