“Daddy?” Dewa said as we stamped our feet into our ski bindings, Saturday at our in-town ski hill…

“Yes, Dewa?”

“I’m Ganesha…and…I’m NOT kidding!” She blurted out the words referring to the revered Hindi Elephant God whose many powers include the overcoming of inner and outer obstacles and poise through problems…

“You are?”

“Yes, because Ganesha removes ‘obstickles’ and he lives inside my heart.”

“Yes, yes, you are right again, sweetheart…Ganesha lives inside all Beings’ hearts!”

– coach ilg learning again and again from our 4 year-young Rinpoche whose sense-memory from prior yogic lives evidently inspires the joy of performing yoga-asana in the snow…

Blessed be your Practice this Week,


great pics by AnandaAmmaji

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  1. Sandra Lee says:

    good job Dewa!

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