Vitadophilus®…one of my mainstays for Cell Cleansing/Fat Loss and enhanced immune/digestive fitness in my 3-Phase Approach to SUNRIDER HERBS since 1982…need help ordering or joining the Secret Herbs of WF?  Let me know!

Hey Coach, I’m placing a sunrider order tomorrow. I was wondering if you could recommend something for energy or if the herbs in your 3 phase program will help with that? I’m retired from the army usually go to yoga class in the am, lift weights and do cardio mid day and do yoga class again in the pm. I’ve been struggling with having enough energy for the past 9 months.

Respectfully, Jeff Boyea

6% bodyfat ilg since beginning SUNRIDER in 1982!  The Path WORKS,  when you WORK the Path!  pic by wayne williams

Namaste Warrior Jeff!

thanks for your letter!

save your money…just get on and stay on my Phase One Herbs and you’re about ready to get a strong metabolic pathway change and resultantly,
more energy… the Action Caps in particular, will bring puh-lenty of energy released from a kicked-in cell respiration fitness…
Phase One (Fat Loss/Cell Cleansing) Whole Food Herbs:

  • Action Caps –  take 4 caps in the am or as directed on label
  • Slim Caps – begin with 1-2 caps at evening for digestive fitness, metabolization of impacted bodyfat, and liver fitness (especially if drinking alcohol)
  • Fibertone – begin with 1-2 caps..strength training for the intestines/elimination fitness –  bowel movement/nutrient assimilation
  • VitaDophilus – take as directed on label…the planets most intelligent and efficient probiotic
  • SunBars – take at least one bar daily…midday
  • Fortune Delight w/ Sunny Dew – at least one page/squirt daily
  • Calli Beverage (prepare as hot tea; 1 teabag makes a full kettle)  w/Sunny Dew (regular and/or night) enjoy 1-2 cups daily…Night for sleep quality enhancement…

enjoy riding the SUN!

update me weekly…estimated time for Phase One:  2-3 Months…be flawless in consistency!

head bowed,


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