click here for the visual Meditation, then get out and DO YOUR BEST today!

note;  actually? the best part was clipped out of this footage…it’s when one of the Norwegian Ski Coaches ran out to Northug who was writhing in his post-race pain, threw a Norwegian logo’d blanket over the great athlete and just walked away…knowing there was anything more you can provide to a world class warrior during such a Bardo Realm…if you notice the time split, Northug’s spring to the finish line earned him 2nd place by only 2/100th’s of a second!   Durangoan Tad Elliot finished 60th in the same race…2 minutes off the pace in the worst snow condition displaying another form of Noble Effort against the Biggest Guns in the world!

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  1. Kevin Burnett says:

    Thanks Coach!

    Can’t wait for the 4 x relay in the Olympics to come around again. Love that event.

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