Last Saturday; in the start gate of a 10k freestyle…my head is down, mula bandha engaged, the start gate is just below my knee chakras, my mind with my breath, my Blessed Mala’s dangle like a door ringer for Hanuman to bring His Strength and Endurance and Loving Insight into my heart….sorry, however,  there is no Higher Yoga Mat than the start gate of a nordic ski race…sing kirtans and do asana to trance beats all you want, however,  to find your Highest Self?  leave it to nordic ski racing to really lay your spiritual bones to the fire of tapas!

“blue ice” as photographed by 2012 Yogi of the Year, Sandra “Dawagahti” Lee, Sunday at Vallecito Demo Days during my Snowshoe Race Clinic

“When a much larger number of people know the nature of their minds, they’ll know also the glorious nature of the world they are in, and will struggle urgently and bravely to preserve it.

HP Yogi Andrew Ferguson sprints out, 30 seconds in front of the Mala-Beaded ilg in the Start Gate…i would eventually gain 8 seconds into his lead, only to fall with my ski tip tangled up in some Gambel Oak on a long uphill, then, lose time to the Mighty Limb’d Fergie once again who finished 3rd and then i in 4th.

It’s interesting that the Tibetan word for “Buddhist” is nangpa . It means “insider”: someone who seeks the truth not outside but within the nature of his or her mind. All the teachings and training in Buddhism are aimed at that one single point: to look into the nature of mind, and so free us from the fear of death and help us realize the truth of life.
– Sogyal Rinpoche

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  1. Sandra Lee says:

    great job Coach and Ferguson… I love how you two love the snow, it is inspiring

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