Less than a month ago…the Plastic Surgeon said it would require several weeks of dubious recovery to see if Dewa’s lip and mouth would structurally heal correctly after her sledding incident…

…within one week of WF Nutrition?   Dewa’s lip and mouth self healed at Godspeed (aka; The Speed of Enlightenment).   we crushed up the MAP Amino Acids for her,  she suckled at SUNRIDER‘s Sunbars, and we doused her lip/mouth and skull with the Sacred Water of Asea

…and today…even with significant psycho/spiritual trauma?

Dewa and i skied from Top To Bottom, Chapman Ski Hill without falling…

which,  ilg reckons?  Probably 80% of you reading this?  would not be able to repeat.  you might not even be able to be rocketed up the 24% gradient of the rope tow to the top of the hill without falling, let alone ski down!

then again?…

ilg admits…we were ALL tired after such a highlight of Self Healing…

Our minds can be wonderful, but at the same time they can be our very worst enemy.

They can -when untrained – give us so much trouble.

Sometimes?  ilg just wishes the mind was like ski wax… we could just apply what we want and leave on our vehicle (the body) and not have to put up with its tiring and tiresome escapades.

As Sogyal Rinpoche teaches, “We are so at the mercy of our minds that even when we find that the spiritual teachings strike a chord inside us, and move us more than anything we have ever experienced, still we hold back, because of some deep-seated and inexplicable suspicion.

Somewhere along the line, though, we have to stop mistrusting. We have to let go of the suspicion and doubt, which are supposed to protect us but never work, and only end up hurting us even more than what they are supposed to defend us from.”

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