the pic of me that was made into a poster, without my knowing, let alone, residuals!  ilg pinnacle jumping in the North Cascades a long time ago by David Terrance Turner

Yup,  I’ve just JUMPED again!

based on my sangha’s input from a survey i recently sent (thank you all who contributed!):
in DURANGO ONLY: you can now study HP Yoga™ with Steve Ilg on a great: Monday-Wednesday-Friday basis for OPTIMAL training effect!

By Popular Request! my Tuesday RockLounge Class is moving to Friday’s from 12-1!   BEGINNING MARCH

HIGH PERFORMANCE YOGA™ with Steve Ilg moves to Fridays at 12 noon!
Legendary mountain athlete, author, and coach, Steve Ilg, is calling all fitness warriors, competitive athletes, and yogis to enjoy and benefit tremendously from an hour of sacred sweat and focused fun with him each Friday from 12-1 pm at the Durango RockLounge.  Coach’s world-renown creatively choreographed teachings of functional muscle, warrior mind, and mountain spirit has been proven by more podiums in more sports than any other fitness or yoga system since 1981.  Whatever your sport, passion, or aspiration;  join Coach for an ever-changing full-body/core fitness session that will soon be your most loved tool for transformation, long-term health, and performance.   All abilities welcome!  email;  Steve@WholisticFitness.com  or call the Durango Rocklounge at: 970-259-7625

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