Warrior Leaf from Kinlani, AZ…demonstrating a beautiful Yogi Squat before crankin’ into the Divine Realms at my 2nd Annual Winter Warrior Snowshoe Race here in Durango…as captured by Winter Warrioress Tracy Janes

these pics from Saturday’s Winter Warrior 10k Snowshoe Race are courtesy of racer and Winter Warrior; Tracy!   i’ll have a race report soon…my video on the race is available for viewing at the Winter Warrior 10k website on Facebook right now!


thank you Tracy!

2 Responses to “(all access) pics from my snowshoe race…(Yogi Squat of the Week)”

  1. Sandra Lee says:

    Namaste, Tracy,

    Great job with the photos!


  2. coach says:

    WONDER-ful photos!!!!!!!!!

    one of the MANY great aspects of snowshoeing is the slowing down of the time-space continuum…. though our heart rates may be sky high…unlike road and mountain biking and certainly all the other endurance sports…sport snowshoeing delivers us into a time-suspended realm into which the All, seemingly transient, suddenly becomes nearly still…and we capture in our minds eye the loveliness and irrecoverable preciousness of THIS mOMent…

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