Thought you might enjoy a little longer race report and some pictures!

spiritually priceless;  HP Yogi bRad on the 11,301″ summit and turn-around point at the winter WF Sacred Sweat Pilgrimage Site known as the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon…maybe next year?  you’ll do what it takes to stand here and receive the Merit of the Sacred Mountain Goddesses

The race was amazingly awesome!  Not knowing what to expect, I was telling everyone I just hoped to finish while secretly thinking I could do it in 5.50 – 6 hours.  Finished in 6:08.  Lost 10-15 minutes after ski-up due to cramping (I have to figure that out!).  A generous sole let me chug some of his pickle juice which helped tremendously.  I fell 7-8 times on ski down losing a little more time and got passed by several people.  Felt strong on run and bike down (crushed the flat section in to town) managing to pass several people.

nearing “Heartbreak Hill” on the ski up

…bRad summit-baggin’ Heartbreak Hill and approaching Transition #3; the Snowshoe to the top!

The preparation for this race was as times tough, but also rewarding.  The race itself was simply exhilarating! Because it was my first time and I didn’t know what to expect, I had doubts leading up to the race about whether I would finish.  However once we started, I never had any doubts.  I knew I was ready mentally and physically.  The cramping sucked and was worrisome and falling down was frustrating.  Other than those two things, I never felt tired or had any doubts!  I paced myself perfectly and had a smile on my face for most of the race!

…the Snowshoe Up the summit headwall…meanwhile, the entire American Southwest starts spilling herself beneath your heaving lungs and burning quads..

Overall, I’m very ecstatic with result.   Finished 64th  out of 117 guys and 13th out of 23 in age group.  Not bad for what a fist time pilgrimage!  Now that I know what to expect, I think 5:30ish is doable for this working stiff!

The volunteers are amazing and the organization and coordination awesome.  I will be back!

bRad crushin’ the brutal Run Down…all most Pilgrims think at this point (at least ilg does): “just let me get to my bike!” Note, bRad’s use of iPods not endorsed by Coach…although, if i know bRad, he was probably listening to my Mula Banda Meditation!

Thanks you for your motivation, tutelage and for the snow shoes.  I am forever in your debt!


8 Responses to “bRad’s Tsidool Race Report!”

  1. padma says:

    Way to GO bRAd…I am amazed at your smile in the run picture!
    Great to see you there, so impressed with your fortitude.

    Julie (aka Pahd)

  2. Brad Tafoya says:

    Julie, you are the one with fortitude! I can’t believe that you did this race last year having never really been on any sort of skis before. That downhill is sketchy! And to top it off, you came back this year for more and in the process knocked a whopping 70 minutes off your time! That is fortitude! Proud of you!

  3. Brad Tafoya says:


    The picture of me topping out on Heartbreak Hill on skis with a fierce look of determination and pursed lips captures me practicing the ancient mantra that you so faithfully teach us . . . Hmmm Sahhh!

  4. Brad Tafoya says:

    I have to give a shout out to Steve Ilg, HP Yoga and Wholistic Fitness! Without Steve and his teachings, I would never had known about this race let alone dreamed I could do it! Thanks Steve! Your Path works!

  5. Sandra Lee says:


    the best!


  6. coach says:

    you wear the Ancient Mantra well!

  7. padma says:

    thanks bRad…it was only 36 minutes though… :)
    and Om So Ti
    the Path Works when you Work the Path.
    see you in March,

  8. coach says:

    dat’s right…”only 36 minutes” faster than a year ago…

    God i love my students!


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