i dunno… at this Blessed Point in my current incarnation? finishing Silver Medalist to Travis Brown, Olympic Mountain Biking and Nordic Champion is just a little waaaaay too much for feeble broken back, former paralytic ilg to even connect the Dots…let alone the fact that my new Daddy Duties and lingering 80% head congestion has completely destroyed any type of optimal prep for the brutally delicious 10k nordic slugfest today at the 9,000′ Durango Nordic venue…chalk it up to Mantra, to EMR, to the Path…ilg pities the fool willing enough to attempt my biography when that time cOMes…such terrain has never been navigated…so, Go(o)d Luck!

so…THANK YOU to all of you who chose to contribute to support my humble racing efforts this year by offering your Temple Tithe…  ilg hopes my Sacred Suffering out there today (and tomorrows 20k Classic) inspires you to take that one breath longer in Meditation, pump out that one rep more in Strength Training, run that one extra mile during Cardio,  cut that one extra calorie in Nutrition…  “Everything Counts…”

without food after my nordic effort,  i met my girls at our in-town Chapman Hill which miraculously turned itself into a regional bump and jump competition which i really wanted Dewa to cop a contact high off of…

it worked…“Daddy, one day?  I’m gonna jump off those Big Girl Jumps and you will cheer for me, too!”

“Dat’s right, baby girl…Dat’s right…Daddy and Mommy will DEFINITELY cheer for you!”

pic:  Daddy and Dewa performing “Butterfly Flyes” at Chapman after my nordic race,  pics by Ananda

“Yes, Dewa?”
while riding up the rope tow…
“Can we ski backwards again?  That was fun!”
“Of course, sweetie…we can ski backwards…”
replies a totally bonked out Daddy…

May Your Practice Be Thus Inspired…

Get Out and Do…



2 Responses to “Day One of Two: 2nd to an Olympian? ilg will take dat!”

  1. padma says:

    way to crush! one lesson from today…nordic skiing is a super challenge.
    ( )

  2. coach says:

    Precious Pahd…
    on this Blessed Day of Days?
    we both Crushed the Orange (Svahdisthana Chakra) Crush!
    How Blessed Are We!?!?!

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