“real recognize real…”

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another karmic paycheck…this Preciously Awesome Warrior was just a tyke really, back in Boulder, when
i was his Dad’s personal trainer…he used to look at me with awe when i did my kata’s, ai imawa, yoga, and went out running,cycling, and did meditation with his dad…now; he is an elite warrior daddy himself and feeble ilg bows at the immensity of my saying way back when, “Ripples make waves…”   Niko and i just reConnected on my Facebook page:

Hi Steve,

Just had a look at your site. Great work man!
As we say out here in the streets, real recognize real…and I can surely see you too are a warrior of light and love.
I’m totally loving all the nature and meditation you’ve incorporated and integrated. Congratulations on your progress and thank you dearly on behalf of humanity for your contribution.

I’m happy to have connected.


Niko Spartan Leo

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