uhhhh…you DO have this DVD in your quiver by now, haven’t you?  sure hope so! its transformed the Practice of hundreds…


Great DVD, exactly what I was looking for!

FWIW*, while I don’t consider myself an athlete I’ve been following your training prescriptions ever since I read the piece in the OCT ’92 issue of Outside magazine (still have that issue). The Outdoor Athlete and Total Body Transformation are by far the training guides I turn to most often.  Thanks for the inspiration!

Best regards,

Terry Taddeo”
Friendswood, TX

* feeble ilg…who still refuses to use an “iPad”, “SmartPhone”, or “Twitter” has zero idea what this Acronym stands for…i will say this however,  after teaching correspondence training since before the internet was invented?  the abuse of the English language/mindfulness for Spelling?  uhhhh…it’s astonishing how much i can feel the ‘hurried nature’ of modern warriors’ minds just through their c(om)munications.  to think i used to hand-write and seal with Sumi Calligraphy my training prescriptions for my students and provide a printed Journal of WF each month, just trips my feeble mind/spirit.

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  1. Kevin Burnett says:

    I believe that would be, “For what it’s worth”.

    I don’t have an iPad, SmartPhone, or Twitter account either, but I do have two teenagers at home. :-)

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