DawaGahti (left) and Suparna….Dawa (aka; Sandra)  is our 2011 HP Yogin Of The Year from Durango via Beclabito (kinda near Tec Nos Pos) and Suparna is a WF Online Master Student from London…both are wearing as all-Ways their WF Blessed Mala’s which amazingly used their cosmic, magnetic force to find each other in Durango yesterday.  Suparna (formerly known as Elizabeth) stopped by Durango for some bodywork and yoga from myself and it was GREAT having her!   then, she drove over to Moab for a half-marathon today…oh, a few years ago when Elizabeth first contacted me for help in her fitness from London?  she didn’t run.  she didn’t do yoga…she sure didn’t strength train or meditate…and today?….

here is what she wrote me:

Blessed coach

Sup completed first half marathon in beautiful Moab this morning!

Thanks to wf, bodywork and yoga, and endless chi, rolled in @ 1.48, 381 out of 3250 & 21 in ag!

More than all that tho, the most important part to report in is that /\ made major breakthrough in those Canyonlands: Presence.

Sup ran with Stillness for much of time – a considerable improvement in Conscious Awareness throughout the entire race.

I can honestly say I Was There.

Endless metta

Head deeply bowed,

Student Sup

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  1. Sandra Lee says:


    Great job!!

  2. padma says:

    Congrats Sup!

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