Dewachen recently, all snuggled up with her kitten, Trevor, looking on.  No parent enjoys having a sick chi-ld. However, using my simple technique below will categorically change the situation toward a Higher and more Helpful space…
“What most see as ‘getting sick’…in WF we see as yet another immune-system enhancer…Getting Sick is actually a Way for our bodies to keep us ‘getting healthier’.  This is what we are teaching our chi-ld, as well as ourselves as new parents.”
– Coach Ilg

This new month, i’ve had the unique Blessing to select two new, precious students for WF Online Training…both of whom, i respect greatly.   ilg feels humbled that they desire my feeble presence and skills in their Corner.   You’ll meet each of them later in this forum.  Actually, you already have met several times one of them.  However, tonight,  i  share with you my first professional correspondence with one of them, BB.   Excited to get started within the oceanic wisdom of WF Online Training,  i informed him that i was leaving for what is likely to be my final weekend of ski racing and that i have a few questions for him to contemplate over the weekend…he wrote back;

Excited to start.  Enjoy your race.  I am going to attempt to finish fighting off this cold with some Blue Light Healing Meditation tonight.



Precious One,

you know what we call ‘colds’ around this Temple H(om)e, don’t you?

IDEO’s…stands for “Immune Developmental Enhancement Opportunity…don’t fight the cold.  Colds are kinda like asana postures;  the more you fight them?  the longer they remain difficult.   yet, the sooner you surrender to their  Teachings?  they suddenly reveal a softer side to themselves and become quite manageable.   so,  instead of ‘fighting’ the IDEO?   welcOMe her as yet another Barbell intended to lift you Higher…teach your young chi-ld (when that Blessed Time arrives) what we teach Dewa:  “Cold’s make you stronger.”

like the rest of WF?  we ain’t re-inventing anything…we’re just flipping a different Lightswitch upon the same ol’ stuff of Life…

i reckon you’ve got your Weekend Guru already in the form of an IDEO!

study well,
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