why we Warriors do the things we do…it ain’t about podiums, or ribbons, or course records…it’s about the memories etched into our Souls from the Sacred Sweat we spill after we do what it takes to Toe The Start Lines…

Full Race Report c(om)ing for WF Members!

head bowed,

el coache

2 Responses to “Ooops! Did It Again! set Course Record and win at Pagosa Winter Quadrathlon”

  1. Very well said!
    (and even more amazing is how good her newly healed lip looks!)

  2. coach says:

    thanks, bro…yeah, we need to get a x-ray taken of her upper teeth…we may need to yank out the dead tooth so the new one can come in (eventually) without adhesions…she’ll look like a hockey player! rad!

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