A First Daddy/Daughter Road Trip…

silly, addicted ilg brought my road bike and computer thinking i’d actually use them…not! it was 110% Daddy With Dewa…first time ever away from Mommy…

Conscious Parenting…
1) Let Go Of Everything (you want)
2) Drop Into Everything (she wants)
3) Know that you are burning off selfish Karma by losing money, losing sense of (egoic) self, losing your mind, losing every-thing, while gaining that which is most imperative: another Soul’s nurturing by your devoted Presence…no matter what…

Dewa and Nana…dropping into the Dharma of flowers…the final plant that Dewa planted with her Grandpa “Duck” before he passed, can be seen over Dewa’s left shoulder…a Yarrow… — in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

L-R; my nephew Alazar (adopted from Ethiopia), my niece Ella, and my Dewa beside the Acecia Madre just off old Edith in the Bosque of Albuquerque… — in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

L-R: Ella and Daddy and Princess Dewa splashing about in the Acecia… — in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Precious Cargo in my backseat driving back to Durango after a Fun Filled (if fatiguing) Easter Weekend in New Mexico…

…note the Flower gingerly held in Dewa’s hands the entire 3-hour trip back home! Rinpoche’s man…Rinpoches…

2 Responses to “Conscious Parenting…my first Daddy/Daughter Road Trip….”

  1. Sandra Lee says:

    Dewa is as precious as a flower petal

  2. coach says:

    as are you!

    How Blessed Is This Precious Human Incarnation?!?! especially during these Kali Yuga times!?!?!

    om shanti,

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