Flag MTB’ing…Q&A

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railing some of Flagstaff’s sweet singletrack when i lived there a few years ago…

El Coache,
I hope you’re well, and gearing up for the Ironhorse races next month.  I have a quick question:  I am parlaying a trip for a family First Communion in Scottsdale into a week of mtbing with my singlespeed in Arizona last week of April.  I want to head up to Prescott and Flag for a couple days.  ( I was there in 2009 after IM AZ and took Joy’s yoga class, but didn’t have the opportunity to meet you, as you were teaching class the first night I stopped in.)  Anyway, I’m sure there are dozens of trails and I’ll put in some due diligence to scout the area out…. but wanted to ask you if you’d recommend any particular bike shop or more importantly bike trail that  I shouldn’t miss.  I’m sorry you’ve already moved or I’d buy you some grande burritos and beer after you kicked my ass on the trail.

Thanks for taking the time.  I continue to enjoy and follow the Path the best I can,

Bob Reilly


Precious Tribal Brother BR!
awesome!  you’re gonna have a great time!   while in Prescott, don’t forget your climbing gear and be sure to visit the fantastic granite of Granite Mountain…  stupid beautiful trad climbing that must not be missed!

first stop in Flag would be Martannes Restaurant to load up on the world’s most epic chilaquiles before hitting up the singletrack…
•) Schultz Creek Trail to Schultz Tank
•) Descend the fun Little Elden for 1.8 miles
•) Right onto the ilg-fav 4-mile climb up Little Bear
•) Right onto Sunset, which dumps you back onto the scintillating descent of Schultz…

you’ll get in about 2,300′ of vert and have a perma-grin for the rest of the week!

AZ Bikes downtown on Milton will be your go-to bike shop…


head bowed,


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