yup…only in Durango…you show up for the ‘slow’ B ride and find yourself doing battle up 2 x 700′ climbs over 35 miles at 20+mph with no less than Shonny Vanlandingham …riding her MOUNTAIN BIKE! gotta love this town! insane intensity is us!

this pic is of Shonny Vanlandingham…at the top of “old Shalona” after dropping me within reach of the summit by a few 15-second accelerations…i was stoked to get third!   Shonny is a 5x National Champion in Mountain Biking, and won the National Championship in her first year of Xterra racing…most importantly? she and i are old Pagosa Springs neighbors! must be something in the (Healing) waters ’round these parts!

it might be noted that ilg did finish first in the second hillclimb of the evening (only because Shonny flatted!) and took out the final Sprint Finish (only due to 10,000 x 10,000 Mantra recitations during the 1.75 hours leading up to the final sprint finish!).

whatever your age,
whatever your game…
just live the WF Lifestyle Principles and
Practice the 5 Noble Fitness Disciplines of WF…
and you know what?
Grace shall arrive…

got an opening for a new Beginner Level Student for online training in May…save the $395 Initial Fee by Being Here Now, and be the first to respond and let’s Change Your Game for the Wholier!

head bowed, thanks for reading,

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  1. Brad Gantt says:


    Man I wish I could take advantage of the training offer. Hopefully another will be able to do so.

    Head Bowed,


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