Dips, baby…1980’s style..this pic is from my first book; The Outdoor Athlete (1985)…at one point, ilg was able to do 5 sets of 10 Dips with 85lbs around my tiny waist at a bodyweight of 145…give me a few weeks and probably, even at age 50?  i’d still come close…

one more q:
what is the “quota rule?”
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Precious Master Student (  ) …
sounds like you best set aside all those Statistics textbooks and get back to the Sacred Scripture of the WF Lineage!

WF Strength Training quota rule:
if this rule is in effect?
then you MUST achieve at least 50% of your previous set’s effort…if you don’t?  the penalty is a 1:00 set of Jump Squats…
Yang Day…you’re doing Dips…on set one you crank four dips…if on set #2 you don’t crank two qualifying Dip (upper arm bone must break parallel in bottom position – see pic above – and then be locked out up top), then well,  you get to treat yourself to a 1-minute set of our ever Beloved Jump Squats…baby!

hope this clarifies the Quota Rule for you!

head bowed,
your fiercely loving coach

3 Responses to “Q&A; WF Strength Training: the Quota Rule”

  1. Leferisen John says:

    would you apply that rule to pull-ups?
    what’s the best way to increase one’s pull-up reps.?
    wide grip, shoulder width, or narrow grip?

  2. coach says:

    Warrior Leaf!
    DEFINITELY applies to Pull Ups!!!
    ways to increase Pull Up fitness; traversing for hours on climbing walls, doing all type of pull ups/grips, wall-assisted handstand pushups, weighted Pull Ups asap…

    Pull Ups, baby! wow…what a Mirror! remember, you are at your biomechanical weakest during the first few inches getting out of the bottom position…this is where explosive power helps; thus, Hang Cleans, PowerCleans, even Repetition Jerks/Snatches will help!

    head bowed,

  3. coach says:

    Padh asked a Go(o)d Question:

    Fittest of Fit,
    got it!
    if the start set is 0, what is the penalty?
    (i did the Yang after upper body…)

    lOve and SA,
    ( )

    Precious ( ) ,

    no penalty for the yet-to-do-One clan (it’s a big clan!)…
    remember, Penalties are a Privilege!!!

    love, sweat, stillness,

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