Though some of our WF Techniques are often blow off as being ‘too simple,’  ilg assures you that even practicing brushing your teeth in yogi squat, using your Non-Dominant Hand while reciting the WF Lifestyle Principles into the Blessed Mantra,  functions extremely well as an Inner Protector to the Outer Worldly demons of hurried pace.  The following email is from a non-formal student back East…she recently returned to eating the SUNRIDER Whole Food Herbs after she realized that her body was breaking down due to her high-paced lifestyle….

Dear Coach,

Thank you for checking in with me…Digestively,  the SUNRIDER Herbs are still making me ‘go’ more than normal, but the cramping is getting better. I’m just not very hungry which I guess is good. Better energy. Was so depleted.

I’m having this weird thing I never had before this last 30 days or so– feel wired at certain points. Like either adrenals are firing or thyroid is off, more likely adrenals. Wired and shaky. Took some days off which I never do – am in Florida studying new fitness techniques and last two days relaxing. I was kinda at capacity when I left town – over stressed. Can’t even define.

I figure I needed to get away and that was it, but it felt way different. Energy wise

Thanks for asking.  Gotta present at some conferences so I will be travelling – and will keep up routine.

Love –


Precious A,
neuronal/hormonal fatigue and/or imbalance is common among you go-getters in the Outer World.

Digestive/Elimination stress can easily arise when our bodies simply cannot ‘digest any longer’ the often insane pace set by Big City/mainstream society.   caution;  your Divine Wisdom will force you to slow the pace down;  don’t let it be through dis-ease, injury, or illness.

remember the WF Disciplines and make sure you focus on the yin ones;  Nutrition & Meditation while all-Ways engaging the 4 Lifestyle Principles.
“The Path only works, when YOU work the Path,” as i say.

if you need more Guidance, ilg is right here for you…even a 3-month return to Online Training, or weekly Phone Consults, for instance, might be wise to make sure we get you back to Go(o)d.   the art of life is Balance…

continue the Practice as directed,  update me on Sunday…

proud of you for recognizing and honoring the Language of your Inner Body…pace yourself toward Enlightenment,  not to the acceleration of the Outer World.

head bowed,

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