Allergies are unknown, at least overc(om)e, by stalwart WF Yogis who practice my Early Morning Ritual and follow the WF Nutritional Path

Hello Coach,
Sorry I haven’t made it to class lately.  Spring has sprung and so has
allergies.  The allergies have made it into my chest and has cause asthma
like symptoms that have me coughing like crazy.  I don’t want to disrupt
class.  Trying a few things to get it under control.  Hope to be back as
soon as possible.

Durango, CO

Noble One!

•) keep your EMR consistent
•) go to Vitamin Cottage:   get some Osho Root…put half a squirt into your Neti Pot…
•) follow through on all MAP and SUNRIDER herb directions as prescribed
•) give your allergies to MahaYogi Jesus Christ…His Light shall demolish them…
•) replace “hope” with visualization

your allergies shall thus be gone…
ilg promises!

apply Faith,

2 Responses to “Student Q&A: Allergies and how to overc(om)e them…wholistically!”

  1. padma says:

    the path works when you work the path!
    Om So Ti,
    an allergy overc(om)-er

  2. BB says:

    100% percent agree with padma! EMR is a fantastic way to relieve and rid oneself of allergies!
    another allergy overc(om)-er

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