Sharing my last evening’s Yoga practice. I checked out of this world somewhere during my 3rd Ujjayi breathing. I started soaring above Dibé Ntsaa. I was just became my own breath, so light. My breath saw snow cap mountains and loved the clear crisp air. I could hear Coach who is nearby saying “hold and hover here for a moment, your body will thank you” during AB session. During Asana session, I can feel Dibé Ntsaa’s heart. I ask my heart to be with Dibé Ntsaa’s heartbeat. During floorwork session of the practice, I was the budding leaves on the Aspen trees, the Juniper berry on cedar trees, then soft petals on the wildflowers on Dibé Ntsaa. I thanked them for teaching me how to nurture them and how I should nurture myself.


Coach’s Note:
DawaGahti and i are working on a HP Yoga presentation to the Diné youth in her h(om)etown of  Teec Nos Pos, AZ later this month or early next month…her reference to Dibé Ntsaa is to Mount Hesperus (13,232′) the highest peak of the La Plata Mountains beneath which i was channeled the Path of WF as a chi-ld.  Dibé is also the northern Sacred Peak of the Diné – the Navajo natives.   my daughter, Dewachen, was conceived under miraculous and auspicious conditions beneath the Diné’s Sacred Peak of the West; Doko Oosliid near Flagstaff (Kinlani), AZ.  If you’d like to help support our mission to bring fitness and yoga to the Diné youth of the southwest,  please consider a Temple Tithe and ilg will make sure your dinero gets right to the spiritual heartbeat of those who lived here before us…

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  1. Sandra Lee says:

    Tribal Brother Coach,

    There are many times I want to bolt from class. Sometimes I think I am tired, I think do I need to do this, or I really want to catch a sunset, I should attend a conference for whatever reason, I want to go to the Pow Wow and maybe eat a frybread, or my body isn’t up to this today, I know we are going to do some hip openers and knee openers… those are uncomfortable so I should leave, etc etc. But somehow I stay and then class ends and I do not want to leave.

    Then sometimes as I start to write an email to you stating why I will not be in class…. but then there appears an email from you regarding posting fliers or you are replying to my email on something and you say… “see you in the cave.” I delete the email I was typing and ask myself “how does he know.” :)

    Also, every Monday and Wednesday, I start to get nervous by noon. I start pacing, trying to make some excuse :), then five o’ clock arrives and I grab my punch card, flashlight and camera and head to class.

    As I type this out, I remember my first time in your class, how I told myself I will only stay for 30 mins.

    Somehow I make it thru class and I thank you for being so patient with me. Thank you for always supporting.


  2. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    To Dawa,
    I smiled when I read your above post. I took a little time-travel to a cold January evening in Kinlani (Flagstaff) five or six short years ago. Having had some recent less-than-great yoga experiences I was dressed practically in my pj’s and positioned next to the door should the spirit move me to GO. In recollection,earlier in the afternoon I remember thinking – hey it’s late ( isn’t that the truth!), it’s cold, it’s snowing, there is always next week (sometimes not!). Some inner prompting said GO. I never looked back. The years that I had the blessed opportunity to practice with Steve and Joy is close to my heart. And to think I almost didn’t go that dark and snowy night…Blessing on your practice. Leslie

  3. coach says:

    Precious Warrioress’s Dawa and LH!
    How Blessed Is Ilg to have some AMAZING Beings as you in my Sacred Circle!?!?!

    THANK YOU for YOUR Devoted Practice and Support!!!


  4. Sandra Lee says:


    Late in replying to you Leslie… thank you.

    Dawa G

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