As Race Day nears, there is no more physiologic training effect that we can ‘gain’ in the last few
days…many will overdo these taper days out of compulsion, fear, lack of quality off/pre season training…
i designed the following Meditation specifically for the early days of a Taper Week…this Inner Silence Meditation sets an astral foundation of mental spaciousness upon which we will run Pre-Race Visualizations and Meditations later in the week…

Use it…please do not share with non-Members unless you ask me…thank you…this Meditation does carry a Transmission Effect from our Lineage;


created by Coach Ilg specifically for Students of Wholistic Fitness®

Begin with several moments to several minutes of seated Ujjayi Breathing and/or zazen
then recite the following meditation…

I can open myself to the powers of my inner silence.

I can experience total surrender to my breath,
to the moment.

For,  in trusting the moment,  I trust in the Divine Power to
guide me through the circumstances of my life.

By this surrendering of my ego,  my inner silence speaks –

My responsibility today,  tonight,  tomorrow,
is to balance my usual flow of random thoughts with purer moments of silence.

I WILL experience this inner silence,  this inner peacefulness,
this Divine Power…MY Divine Power!  I will experience this and
allow it to expand fully into my life.

As I learn to do the things in my life with peacefulness,
I realize that I am moving more effectively,
I am thinking less compulsively and being more attentive to Sacredness.

most of all,
I realize that whatever I am doing RIGHT NOW
is EXACTLY what I NEED to be doing –
no matter how silly or strange it may seem.I am exactly where I need to be!

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