i mean, really…who do you know that is not only as fit as ilg at age 50, yet still is sooo in love with the
very same world-class whole-food herbs to this day as he was when he first began eating them 27 years ago?
pic; our kitchen counter contains our go-to SUNRIDER Whole Food Herbs, the ASEA Sacred Water, and the MAP Amino Acids…the Esteemed Nutritional Core of WF… all other dietary foods provide only calories, enjoyment, appreciation, and variety.

Treasured Coach,

thanks for the reminder about sharing the herbs with other people; i would love to be able to enjoy the “Ilg supreme” everyday!!!

When i signed onto WF and SUNRIDER …3 years ago:-)…. i tried to sign my family and friends up. They noticed the changes in me and would even comment about my energy, but they just could not get past the cost of the herbs. i would suggest they start with Calli and Fortune Delight, giving them samples and 10 pack boxes at Christmas, still no signer uppers. i abandoned the idea after a while and resigned myself to being the only SUNRIDER in my local area.

i would love to have my family and friends enjoy the sacredness of the herbs and enjoy more of them myself. If you have suggestions to help me get them on board, I would love to try again!

Thank you Coach!

Still crankin’!!!!!

Head bowed,


Precious Sue,

i hear Thee!
loud and clear…
sadly,  nearly everyone has been inculcated by society to accept without question the unfathomable expenses of ‘medical check ups’ and
the costs associated with ‘treating’ illnesses,
yet go ballistic when they see the relatively inexpensive (by comparison) prices of eating the world’s most health-giving whole foods that would
keep them – like myself – away from any doctor/medical illness since i started eating the herbs in 1985!

why not ditch the Health Insurance and start EATING and DRINKING genuine Health Insurance:    SUNRIDER!

oh well…

one notion that arises to your question is ME!   in other words,  USE ME!   i’ll be HAPPY to email or speak to anyone you find that is the least bit interested
in getting on the Secret Herbs!    you can tell them that your coach has an exclusive 3-Phase Approach to using SR that moves you through Fat Loss/Cell Cleansing,
to Cell Empowerment/Balance into Maintenance and that i’ll supervise each step of their Journey for free as along as they remain Active with SUNRIDER!

that might help?

you can also reVisit the SUNRIDER chamber in the WF SanghaLounge for a whole lot of great inspiring ways to regain m(om)entum in sharing these important foods,
especially for the future as our Precious Plane(t) becomes rapidly devoid of non-toxic food supplies…SUNRIDER remains the Highest, most concentrated and pure whole foods
available..and if people don’t think that is not the most important thing for the long-term health of themselves and their families?
then,  well,
they will probably be contacting you when it’s too late…when they get cancer or whatever due to their lack of wisdom in eating accurately, purely, and (w)holy!

i’ve also sent an email to SR to make sure i have the most recent online presentation links to send to you…stay tuned and as always…

eat an Herb,

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