Student Bob Reilly, who i think, lives in NJ…was passing through my old h(om)etown of Kinlani (Flagstaff) and took me up on a suggestion of a mountain bike ride…see how dwarfed he is by the gigantic, naked Aspen Beings and towering Pondy’s in the background?!   See below for more..

Spent day mtbing, eating, swimming, then back on Mt Elden for more. My friend and I popped out into a meadow at a wall of aspens at around 8300ft. Blinding white. See pic. You probably recognize it. Its somewhere off Schultz Creek Trail up top. I’m driving to Utah now. Did you live north off 89? I’m driving that way and the area reminds me of pics from the webpage.
Thank you for the info. I hope to meet and do some intensive studying with you next yr in Durango.
Bob Reilly


Precious Student BR!
ilg knows precisely where you are…have biked and ran that trail lifetimes!  you are above the “Lincoln Logs”…pretty close to where the hidden and double black-diamond; “Jedi Trail” intersects….pretty stinkin’ sweet descent right there, eh?

yes, we lived in Baderville,  located about 10k north of Kinlani just west from the base of the Ski Area.

don’t wait on those Intensives!

you’re awesome,

coach ilg

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  1. BR-some of the biking around Park City is pretty dry right now if you’re going to ride in in Utah.

  2. Robert Reilly says:

    My last leg of trip took me to St. George, which has some unbelievably gorgeous trails thru the desert. Alas, I made the foolish last minute decision to sign up for IM StG and waste my day racing in the windstorm…would’ve been better off on an 8hr mtb ride instead. Flagstaff was truly all it’s cracked up to be, and I’m wondering why we all don’t live there.

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