Lose the ego, gain Reality…Dewachen, stoked on the approach to the climbing area due to the Flower Beings being…Flower Beings

…they don’t call it “X-rock” for nuthin…note climber approaching the intersection…

note my Yosemite Big Wall rack so i can set up a safe top rope for my girls…geez…what has HAPPENED to ilg!?!??!

Dewa gives the Thumbs Up sign during Lap 2 of her  4 Laps…barefooted…

…take your (inner) kid climbing…it’s Go(o)d for them…and you!

looking east across the Animas River Valley…Pranic-filled air, baby!
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…a little Virabhadrasana II on the rap…why not?!

…the girl’s already a better belayer than most of my  partners in the 80’s…which is precisely why i began free soloing!  😉

“Yes, Dewa?”
“This has been delightful going climbing, but you know my favorite part?”
“No, please share…”
“Making this bouquet along the trail…you can take a picture of it for your Friends, but they cannot take the real bouquet…it’s only for our family, okay, Daddy?”
“You got it, Precious Lady…”

…then it was off to, “Fun Slide Lake” to do some fishing…which of course, turned into…

…snail shell hunting, with MUCH more success than  fishing!
“Yes, Love?”
“How come we got Skunk’d again fishing?”
“The wind, sweetheart, the wind was too strong.”
“Are we gonna get skunk’d next time we go fishing, like tomorrow?”
“No way, baby…see, your Daddy… NEVER, EVER get’s skunk’d 3x in a row…it just won’t happen.”
“Okay, Daddy…i had so much fun today anyway, even though we got skunk’d”
“Me too, sweetie…me too…”

2 Responses to “This M(om)ent; Dewachen re-iterates; Just Be…not that, not this…just BE! PLUS: HIDDEN DISCOUNT until May 18th!!! read for details!”

  1. Kit Johaneson says:

    What a pleasure to view.
    Ai Imawa with love.
    Fit Kit with a broken wrist.

  2. padma says:

    Dearest Dewa,
    so glad you got to go rock climbing at X-rock! next time maybe we can all go together!
    And then ride bikes after!
    Give a wave to the poop princess for me.
    yogini julie

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