From one of my old students – Ross Burke – when i brought HP Yoga™ to POWERHOUSE GYM in Chatsworth, CA, i think…

Thank you, Student Ross..ilg is humbled:


Good morning Noble Warrior,
Hope you don’t mind, I just have such fond memories of your Yoga instruction I thought I’d share this one. Thank you for all you were willing to share with me Coach!

– Ross


3 Responses to “Your 5-Minute Svadhaya Assignment…”

  1. Justin Ginn says:

    Thanks for sharing that amazing video! Truly inspirational.

  2. Sandra Lee says:


    amazing warrior!
    you are an amazing coach, mentor, who is never selfish with his time!


  3. coach says:

    Most Precious Dawa,
    ilg is nothing
    save a reflection of my own Teachers
    and…my students…

    How Blessed Are We!?


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