I’m a very good friend of Mike Powell*. In another life we worked together at Allsport. I forget where we met (a few times) I think at the gym Pacific Athletic Club by our old office off of Sunset. ( I taught some Kickboxing there) Been a fan of yours for some time, have read a few of your books over the year! (loved them all) especially “The Outdoor Athlete”, I should re-read it. Like my wife (Texas) you have been doing the yoga thang before it got popular and trendy (always respected you for that). It’s really nice to connect with you.

Love, Light, Good Health and Endless Happiness!

Markus (the “mighty limbed Markus” as you called me! love that! It’s really Da Bald 1 these days or the old 1.. turned 56 this year but don’t feel it.. age is kind of a meaningless number that people use for an excuse.)

Markus and Texas Boesch
Manhattan Beach, CA

*  Student Powell is who took the killer pics throughout “The Winter Athlete” book

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