2 Responses to “(all access) Your 5-Minute Svadhyaya…Wind River”

  1. Sandra Lee says:


    the “ilg red” is in this photo.

    When I ran the trails this morning, I noticed my veins of my arms were the same color as the sage brushes and the berries of juniper trees

    this photo takes my mind to home… i remember the way i learned my alphabets and numbers in English. There was so many cactus’s, those were my “students.”


  2. coach says:

    Precious Dawagahti,

    they just don’t make ’em like you too often any more…

    red sandstone always reminds ilg that this is not a time to solidify, it is a time to dream and dissolve the past so that the present becomes a blank canvas upon which the future can create itself…

    along the red way,

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