have you ever been sooo exhausted from such a fun and fitness-filled family vacation that you need ANOTHER vacation just to recover?!? just back from an AMAZINGLY BLESSED 5 days of scintillating Southwest Wholistic Fitness Family fun…full story plus Dharma c(om)ing only to Members at: www.WholisticFitness.com

great pic by Ananda yesterday at the Great Sand Dunes National Monument…which my veteran students will surely recall as one of my most sacred vortices of the Southwest…the site of my podium-attaining World Sandshoe (yes, SANDSHOE) Championships in the late eighties…scan the Archives for Great Sand Dunes….and read of this chi filled zone…make SURE you take Pilgrimage to this vortex soon!!!  or, let me guide you on a SW Private Intensive!

email me at:  steve@WholisticFitness.com  and mention;  SAND DUNES to receive a $200 savings on a 3-Day Private WF Vortex Intensive!

more soon only for Members!

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