Well, the super dry conditions are sapping up all the river flows in my Beloved Southwest,  so i’m taking my girls to the Piedra lands and rivers and lakes for a couple of days before all the precious water dries up…the lakes and rivers here look like they used to look like in August..not early June.

Main intent of this trip will be taking my girls to one of my lifelong Sacred Southwest Vortices; Chimney Rock Archeological Area (notice they wisely called it an ‘Area’ instead of ‘Park’ for the last word there,  otherwise the acronym would have been pure CRAP!) ; the northern High Priest Hangout of the Ancient Ones…this place spin balances your chakral fields faster than an Osprey tracking on a Trout… Chimney Rock is on pace to soon become a National Monument…

The above pic is of a much younger, bleached out mullet-scalped ilg after running 13 miles as Sacred Pilgrimage to the Sacred Twin Towers of Chiminey Rock Anasazi Pranic Superdome in the sky…i used to Race Direct a 1/2 Marathon; Run To The Ruins here…might need to kick start that venture again!

Take your kids out to Nature…and/or yourself…and merge into the Real beyond Ego…

more soon,  love now,

father of Dewachen

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