Take care of your feet, so they continue to take care of you…
ilg during my shorter hair days near White Rock, NM as shot by Marc Romanelli

Greetings Master Ilg–
Which DVD should I get?!!  I was reminded this weekend by the Pilates instructor at the booth next to ours at an expo we were at that my flat feet, ankles rolling in, hip flexor tightness, etc., is making my inner thigh muscles weak.  I know that, and that’s why they hurt like hell if I run 4-5 miles!  Cycling is usually OK for 2-3 hours….

Steve S

Most Precious Yogi SS!

do the PROP Workout twice weekly with at least 2 days in between
and the
VENTS Session 2x weekly on other days…
follow this for 3 Months then update me on thy Precious Feet…

head bowed,

On Jun 4, 2012, at 9:20 AM, Steve Seckinger wrote:

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  1. Recommended body-improving equipment ordered today!

  2. coach says:

    Dharma Brother SS!
    got it…cranking out some new PROP DVD’s right now for you…will send today! also, sending you an electronic gift of Mula Bandha Meditation to support your PDF purchases as well…

    inJoy and May Your Practice Benefit from my humble offerings…


  3. Awesome stuff! As they say in Utah, “this is the place”!

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